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Bali Kite Season

by Bali Cartoon Teller

In Bali, kite is a life style. A child who is able to create a good, beautiful, well balanced kite is very appreciated by his peers. When he becomes teenager he begins to make the big elaborated kites aided by his friends. Kite is played after the rice harvest in Bali. And its best season is on June-September when the wind blows at maximum strength.

After the rice harvest, the ricefield is dry and the people are happy because they have money if the harvest is good. So the Balinese kite is also the symbol of joy.

According to Balinese legend God Siva sometimes descends after the harvest from the heaven of Sivaloka to the earth disguised as a litle boy herding the cows while playing a flute. Siva is also the god of kites in Balinese pantheon. As the god of kite he is called Rare Angon which literally means “cowboy”

Balinese Kites Infographic

Mid-year is the kite season in Bali. Many kite competitions and festivals are held. The sky is full of colors from kites. The following are some design of traditional Balinese kites.

  • The most classic form of Balinese kite is the Bebean kite from the word “Be” which means Fish.
  • The Pecukan kite mimics the shape of the leaf. This form is closely related to the story of RareAngon – the kite god and the child guardian god. When the children play the kite they perform the ritual of summoning the wind by inviting the god RareAngon through whistling. When the wind comes, the leaves fly.
  • Janggan kite, takes the form of a dragon’s head combined with the shape of the Pecukan kite. At present Jangan Kite has a variety of forms, not only in the form of a dragon’s head, there are also garuda eagle and tiger.
  • Celepuk kite: It isthe lately popular kite design inspired . It is categorized as a new creation kite. There is no standard kite structure for this kite. Its creation involves the art of painting and airbrushes.

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