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Van Halen vs Koes Plus

by Bali Cartoon Teller

Oh no, we don’t mean to pit these two bands. But we think the title of this post is pretty clickbait, isn’t it? In the previous music article about Rocktober, we expressed our condolences for the passing away of Eddie Van Halen, the guitarist of Van Halen band this month. In the same month the band’s vocalist, David Lee Roth celebrated his birthday. We were inspired to continue the Rocktober theme by bringing Van Halen back to life with this post. We created a cartoon doodle illustration in color representing some songs of Van Halen..

How many Van Halen’s song titles can you find from the following picture? For fans of the Van Halen band, of course this is very easy.

Write your answers on comment section below

Then we decided to make another illustration for Koes Plus, a legendary Indonesian band, songs quiz. In its career, it has made 100 albums and 923 songs. In July 2020, we made a similar illustration featuring the song titles of another prominent Indonesian band: God Bles.

Koes Plus Band

Koes Plus is a very popular Indonesian family band founded in 1969 which deserves to be called a legend in the Indonesian music scene. Koes is the short name for their surname; Koeswoyo. At first, they were called Koes Bersaudara (Koes Brothers) because all the members were from Koeswoyo family, but since two of their band personnel were then replaced by two musicians who were not from Koeswoyo brotherhood, they changed their band name to Koes Plus. Their musical genre was largely influenced by the Bee Gees and The Beatles. They are often called as the Beatles of Indonesia. All the founding members of Koes Plus have passed away. Maybe we’ll talk more about this band another time ..

For Koes Plus fans, please guess the titles of the Koes Plus songs in this picture.

Write your answers on comment section below

There are some Koes Plus’ very popular songs that we don’t expose in the picture because we found that it is not easy to make their illustration in a limited space .

By: Putu Ebo

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